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Sunix Pili - Thunderbolt Dock

June 12, 2012 - It's coming all together! Today Sunix Pili Thunderdock station was introduced at the Taiwan Computex Show. It is assembled with everything I thought necessary for thunderbolt o take off as a mainstream gear. It comes with hot-swapping SATA Bay for upto 4TB, Kensington lock, cooling fan, single gigabit ethernet connectivity, dual thunerbolt channels for upto 6 thunderbolt devices and 1 native DisplayPort display, supporting both data (PCI Express) and video (DisplayPort) on a single cable connection.

The Sunix Pili integrates a 3.5-inch HDD enclosure, it includes a slim Blu-ray writer, four USB 3.0 ports, a high-speed multi-card reader with support for SD, MMC, MS, an xD media, and stereo audio playback using the SPDIF digital audio interface.

I predict the PC is well on its way to being modular and slim, like iPads and Ultrabooks. You only need to hook up a mouse and keyboard, WiFi or Bluetooth enabled to achieve a desktop configuration or a carry it with you like an iPad when you are on the move.